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Hard Justice CD

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After spending a month in the studio, Dropsaw has finished recording their 3rd album titled HARD JUSTICE set to be released May 14th 2010. The album was recorded in San Diego, USA with As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, Kelly Cairns and Daniel Castleman (Austrian Death Machine, Winds Of Plague, Sworn Enemy, Impending Doom). The band have taken a large step in the way of song writing, mixing it up though the album with insanely fast thrash and destructive breakdowns and keeping that 'heavy as fuck' Dropsaw sound.

1. Necropsy
2. Hard Justice
3. This Is Hell
4. Avarice
5. Defeated
6. No Horizon
7. Withstand
8. Dead Dream
9. Violent Outcast
10. The Cobra
11. Judgement Day

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